What is it about?

This is mostly a picture gallery of my most recent works.

From time to time there will be opportunities to buy.

I will also have how-to articles, gimme time.

Enjoy yourself, get into the hobby.

Modelling is good therapy.

Creativity is a Gift.

Lucky me.


L. G.


Announcing New Z Scale Details from The Other Lionel. Visit Zeelionel.com

O scale: a new RIO bus bash for your pleasure and enjoyment   Click HERE to go THERE.
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The Other
Welcome to my new web site. A long time in coming.                                    Created 6/15/2005.

I am an artist and master craftsman and would like to share some of my work with you.

Because there are a lot of pictures it might take a while  for some pages to download if you have dial-up. I now have
mostly  thumbnails that you can click on to see the large version.

Note that all my pictures are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or used in any way and at any time
without my written consent.
 I have been a commercial artist since 1972.
 Railroads have been my hobby since I was 4.
 I combined the two in 2005.

This is the Home page

<<<<< Explains most of it,  but not all.

<<<<< 1:48, mostly On30 narrow gauge.

<<<<<  1:220 modeling.

<<<<<  Figures! You must be over 18 years old.

<<<<<   "How-to" Articles.

<<<<<  Only if you want to.

<<<<<  My art, past and present.

<<<<<  Other interesting pictures and sites.

<<<<<  T Scale
Explore, have fun, enjoy.
Z scale: in with the new in Z1 and Z2. Click on red button for the old too.
New Scale called T Gauge or three millimeters wide. 1/450