Z Scale #1 is dedicated to commercial and industrial
buildings. There are also Railroad related maintenance
sheds, engine houses, etc...
Z Scale #2 is dedicated to
residential buildings like houses,
schools, missions, etc..
Z Scale #3 is dedicated to buildings with character like old
weathered houses, burned-out buildings or scenes that tell a story.
In 1982 I started a layout on a small hollow-core closet door. It grew to be about 8
x 12 feet with empty space in the middle. Last year I dismantled it but kept a  six
foot section of the SBB/DB interchange. It too has been dismantled. Click on the
picture below to see more.
A special page of the
buildings at CHAMA,
New Mexico. Click on
the image at left.
A new series I call " Frog
Hollow"; a small community
in the Sierra Foothills.
Click on image to see more.
A picture gallery of fractured
images.  Intrigued ? Click
  A gallery of
Maintenance Of Way cars.
Click on image to see more.
As of 10/28:

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